Thyme Patch Park

2853 NW 58th St, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

This tiny neighborhood park demonstrates that even in a small space you can do quite a bit. Intricate railings adorned with metallic flowers beckon you up the small flight of stairs. Designed and built by former Groundswell president and founding board member Chuck Nafziger, these railings pay tribute to late board member and P-Patch advocate Greg Edeen, with his signature tam o’shanter hat tucked into the top left railing. Continue back past the “front porch” area, maintained by the King County Master Gardeners, to arrive at a small P-Patch of about twelve plots. Much like Groundswell, this park thrives under the steadfast support of its surrounding community. Simply look back at the project’s origin for further proof: A local neighbor had originally bought this plot because he wanted a vacant lot for his kids to play in, just like he had as a child. His children had since grown up and moved away when Groundswell identified it as a potential pocket park in 1996, so he was a willing seller when approached, and other neighbors joined together to plan and build the new park.