Gemenskap Park

5910 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

Gemenskap Park, a two-block stretch of green space in East Ballard, runs along 14th Ave NW, between NW 59th St and NW 61st St. Its grassy lawns, multi-use path, creative seating, mature trees, green stormwater infrastructure, and safety improvements make it an important gathering place for the community, inspiring the name - “gemenskap” means “community” in Swedish. Gemenskap Park opened in 2018 after a years-long effort by community members to replace a median and row of parking with a park. The East Ballard Community Association, nearby neighbors, and local businesses led the visioning effort to create a park. The community’s long-term vision sees it stretching from NW 65th St to Salmon Bay.