Constellation Park / Marine Reserve

3521 Beach Dr SW Seattle, WA 98116

Three works by Lezlie Jane: Mock Tidepool: On the sidewalk, at the entrance to the park, is a mock tidepool featuring life sized bronze marine creatures that inhabit the bedrock beach at low tide, including thatched barnacles, starfish, moon snails and an octopus. Intertidal Interpretive Wall: Down the access ramp to the beach is a 28ft long tiled wall with images that identify the local marine intertidal inhabitants, shellfish, and algae. Included is information on marine conservation and habitat in 3 languages. Avenue of Stars: 27 bronze star constellations are embedded in the sidewalk along the waterfront. The constellations are arranged by season and can be seen from the park in the evening sky. A medallion identifies each constellation and it’s location the night sky